Stop Loss Insurance

Knowledge Center

Access a variety of brochures, videos, infographics and articles about self-funding health benefits and protecting with Stop Loss insurance. Learn about HM Insurance Group and find tools that explain how self-funding works, how Stop Loss protects and how to help contain costs. Explore each area to find out more.

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HM Corporate and Stop Loss Overview

Provides information about HM Insurance Group, including financials and performance stats, as well as our approach to providing Stop Loss coverage.
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Stop Loss Essentials

Offers insight about the need for Stop Loss insurance and how it helps to manage risk for self-funded groups.
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Introduction to Self-Funding

Explains the self-funded option for group health benefits and how employers may be able to gain more control of their coverage and costs.
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HM Stop Loss Product Information

Delivers information about HM’s approach to Stop Loss coverage and a variety of options designed for an array of risk tolerance levels.
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Cost Containment Tips and Trends

Shares information about industry trends, as well as stats, facts and best practices for helping to contain costs from the start of coverage.
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