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Insurance Fraud and Abuse

Fraud is a significant concern of the entire insurance industry. HM Insurance Group takes a proactive approach to detecting and investigating potential insurance fraud and abuse, which includes taking action to deal with fraudulent activity against the company.

To respond to and resolve any allegations of fraud, HM Insurance Group has a Special Investigation Unit. As the detection, prevention and elimination of fraud, abuse and other over-utilization is essential to maintaining an insurance system that is affordable to current and future policyholders, HM is dedicated to educating all of its employees regarding the problem of fraud.

Awareness programs educate employees that fraud results in lost revenues which directly impact the company’s ability to price our products competitively. HM expects all employees to conduct themselves appropriately in the execution of their responsibilities.

HM Insurance Group also wants members of the community and policyholders to be aware of the detrimental effects fraud has on everyone covered by insurance. Keeping everyone’s eyes open to violations may help keep costs down in the future. Anyone who is aware of fraud regarding HM Insurance Group policies can contact the fraud hotline at 888-842-5699, or send us an e-mail using our secure online form.

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