The Desire to Do Right by People

By: Dan Carlton October 30, 2018

I think that most people want to do a good job at work. We spend more time here than we do with our families or our hobbies, so it needs to mean something big as well. Doing a good job gives us satisfaction, and satisfied employees make a difference and help their companies prosper. But what really brings importance to those eight-plus hours a day is developing personal connections with co-workers and clients. That’s what drives excellence.

When you’ve developed strong partnerships that have become lasting relationships, you want to do right by those people. You lend a hand to co-workers and counterparts even when you’re incredibly busy. You take a few extra minutes to figure out the right solution for a client instead of just offering the standard program. You go the extra mile when you know it could make all the difference.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a relationship guy. I like to get to know people – what makes them tick, what floats their boats – and that’s what I prioritize. It could be in the office, out at lunch, at a conference or in my spare time – no matter the venue, I’m meeting people. And when I connect with people, I work hard for them. That’s big for me – the most important thing.

I’m going on two decades at HM Insurance Group. You don’t stay at a place that long in this business unless you feel committed to the mission and goals, but what really tethers you closest is the people – feeling invested in doing right by the people you work with day-to-day, those by your side and those you’re ultimately serving.

Success boils down to who you know and how well you know them. It pays off. It helps you understand their thought processes and their needs. It helps you develop the right approach to doing business with them and for them. It helps you create solutions that work and are appreciated – both of which enable you to keep the business for the long term.

People want to do business with the people they like. It’s as simple as that. If you can understand how they work and how they need you to work for them, the rest is easy. As a Stop Loss carrier, we work with TPAs, national consulting houses, regional brokers, Blue organizations, the UCAs and more. Each of these organizations is comprised of different people with different objectives. We have to connect with them individually, get to know them and develop business programs that meet their specific needs. This requires agility – the ability to shift thoughts and approaches based on the type of business. Wrapping our heads around this concept has been the secret to our success for years. We can’t be all things to all people, but we can find ways to provide the things that people need.

I know that developing lasting relationships is important to HM. I live it and sell because of it. I know it’s real. So, if you want to talk business, sure, I can bring a spreadsheet (though that’s not our standard approach around here), but I’ll also bring some good conversation and a commitment to getting to know how to best work with you. Then we can determine the right plan together.

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