Making Connections, Bridging Capabilities

By: Tom Doran July 6, 2017

When you consider entering a relationship, commonalities are the first thing you seek. How are you alike? How will you work together? This is no different when you are evaluating a career opportunity. You want the right fit. And sometimes, the right fit is tied to the breadth of capabilities demonstrated by both parties and the accuracy of their alignment. It’s important to be a good match, and I believe that is what I found with HM Insurance Group.

There is a unique quality to HM’s seat at the insurance table. The company works in many arenas – front-and-center in the commercial market, behind the scenes in an MGU-like capacity for well-vetted arrangements and side-by-side with ASO partners. In these ways and more, HM holds diverse capabilities in the reinsurance market, working to best serve clients in the category where they fall – producer, employer, carrier, payer, provider or partner. I can relate to this diversification, as it follows the trajectory of my own career path, gaining knowledge and experience in the areas mentioned above (in addition to “rocket science,” which also is part of my resume and always throws everyone for a loop).

I don’t believe it is coincidence that I found myself at HM. The path I’ve been on has led me here. I’ve seen all sides of this industry and know how they work. The diversification of HM’s business model provides many opportunities to deliver a wide array of solutions to those seeking to protect their business interests and financial well-being from the risks associated with catastrophic claims. And the range of capabilities HM offers to the market is something I intimately understand through my experience.

I’m a numbers guy. My foundation in this market was built on actuarial functions. I also know underwriting and enjoy digging into the details. Regardless of my role though, I’ve always played a part in creating solutions – something I continue to focus on as a leader as well. I have a knack for moving tiny details into big picture thinking by studying results and thoughtfully considering the recommendations of a well-rounded, seasoned team – something I know is at the heart HM’s ability to achieve desired outcomes.

I also recognize that building and maintaining long-standing relationships through consistent, open communication with our producers and partners plays a valuable role in maintaining prolonged success. And HM’s commitment to high standards in responsiveness and sound decision-making demonstrates a focus on acting with integrity in all that we do, something that was a key factor in my decision to join the company.

When I first came to Pittsburgh, I quickly discovered that it’s hard to miss the bridges. They are everywhere, surrounding the city and connecting diverse, eclectic neighborhoods and suburbs in all directions to the heart of downtown. When I view the many bridges on my commute and through the windows of my office, they seem to symbolize HM’s spirit of making connections, already deep within the company’s DNA, as well as my desire to become part of this team, bringing a new perspective that builds upon the history and evolution of the company.

We are in the business of guarding financial health, something that is done best when connections are made – bridging people, data and market experience in an effort to meet needs and exceed expectations. I have a lot of confidence in what we offer and how we can work together to address risk and provide solutions in a challenging health care environment. I’m looking forward to the many conversations and successful solutions that lie ahead. And if you want to know more about how my foray in aerospace engineering applies to the reinsurance market, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


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