HM Releases New Video in “HM Covers Self-Funding with Stop Loss” Series

November 10, 2015

Continuing our efforts to deliver educational, impactful, differentiating and relevant messages about self-funding with Stop Loss, we have created a new video, “HM Insurance Group Video: What Is Essential to a Strong Contract?” to demonstrate the importance of language in providing financial protection, clarity and choice.

As the regulatory and economic markets continue to evolve, the interest in self-funding among groups with fewer than 500 lives continues to grow. By not limiting our message to standard advertising, printed materials or email, we believe we can provide a more effective suite of sales tools that can reach a wider audience.

You can use all five videos in our series as tools in your conversations with groups that are considering the self-funding option.

Access the videos:
HM Insurance Group Video: What Is Self-Funding?
HM Insurance Group Video: Who Should Self-Fund?
HM Insurance Group Video: How Does Stop Loss Protect?
HM Insurance Group Video: How Do I Select the Right Carrier?