HM Releases New Self-Funding with Stop Loss Videos

August 10, 2015

Through ongoing conversations with key partners and producers, HM Insurance Group has been looking at new ways to deliver messages that are educational, impactful, differentiating and relevant.

With that in mind, we have developed a series of short, animated video clips on self-funding and Stop Loss. As the regulatory and economic markets continue to evolve, the interest in self-funding among groups with fewer than 500 lives continues to grow. Understanding that people have different preferences for engaging with information, we are building HM’s library of resources across a variety of media. By not limiting our message to advertising, printed materials or email, we believe we can provide a more effective suite of sales tools that can reach a wider audience.

View the videos:
HM Insurance Group Video: What Is Self-Funding?
HM Insurance Group Video: Who Should Self-Fund?
HM Insurance Group Video: How Does Stop Loss Protect?
HM Insurance Group Video: How Do I Select the Right Carrier?