Elizabeth Midtlien Joins HM Insurance Group as Senior Vice President, Managed Care Reinsurance

August 2, 2013

PITTSBURGH – HM Insurance Group (HM) has named Elizabeth (Liz) Midtlien as senior vice president, managed care reinsurance. In this newly formed position, she will lead and manage all products within HM’s managed care reinsurance product portfolio including provider excess, HMO reinsurance and managed care excess.

“The addition of this role to HM’s senior management team demonstrates HM’s commitment to consistency and longevity in the reinsurance market segment,” said Mike Sullivan, president and chief operating officer.

“As a national leader in employer stop loss, managed care excess products are a natural fit for expansion in the diverse HM portfolio. Bringing Liz on board will allow us to appropriately focus on products and solutions for emerging markets due to the Affordable Care Act legislation.”

In July 2012, HM restructured RBS Re to take advantage of managed care reinsurance opportunities by creating a significant focus on distribution and account management. Consistent with that change, Alex Soria and a team of highly seasoned reinsurance professionals will continue to focus on building HM’s distribution and account management channels to support the next generation of managed care reinsurance products.

Liz has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance market. Her broad experience in marketing, sales and product management will assist HM in capitalizing on new opportunities in the managed care space, including products and services for providers who will be taking financial risk for the first time.

Prior to coming to HM, Liz was the chief marketing officer at StarLine Group in Minneapolis. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration at the University of Wisconsin and holds a Master of Arts degree in industrial relations from the University of Minnesota.

About RBS Re
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