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HM Hosts Annual TPA Roundtable and Addresses Trends

October 9, 2017

HM Insurance Group hosted our fourth annual TPA Roundtable September 6-8, 2017. This year’s event was attended by experts representing various TPA organizations from across the country, along with HM leaders and staff who engage with our TPA partners. There also were presenters from InterveneRx and Best Doctors, who shared important industry information with the group. Throughout the course of the conference, several areas arose as growing trends or hot topics in the current market:…

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HM Releases Corporate Fast Facts Infographic

April 10, 2017

HM released its "By the Numbers" infographic updated with 2016 facts and information. These fast facts quickly communicate key attributes of HM and the company's reach. Find information on financial results, size, scope and experience in one document. The information can be shared with clients to quickly communicate who HM is and the company's strength in the market. Download the infographic: HM By the Numbers

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HM Releases Infographics on Contributors to High-Cost Claims

April 10, 2016

As a leading national Stop Loss carrier, HM closely watches cost trends across the industry and works with partners and clients to determine options for better managing rising claim expenses. To highlight surprising facts and key points regarding two significant contributors to high-cost claims – dialysis and air ambulance services – we have created new infographics for reference. Check them out to learn more about the high price and growing use of dialysis and air…

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HM Releases New Video in “HM Covers Self-Funding with Stop Loss” Series

November 10, 2015

Continuing our efforts to deliver educational, impactful, differentiating and relevant messages about self-funding with Stop Loss, we have created a new video, “HM Insurance Group Video: What Is Essential to a Strong Contract?” to demonstrate the importance of language in providing financial protection, clarity and choice. As the regulatory and economic markets continue to evolve, the interest in self-funding among groups with fewer than 500 lives continues to grow. By not limiting our…

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New Infographic: Big Costs Delivered with Preterm Births and Multiples

October 10, 2015

The complications caused by early deliveries and the medical issues related to the birth of multiples can create expensive medical claims. And while this is an emotional subject that isn’t always easy to discuss, self-funded employers need to be aware of the statistics and potential costs of these scenarios so that they are not alarmed should they face a high-dollar preterm birth claim in their covered population. That is why HM Insurance Group has released…

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HM Releases New Self-Funding with Stop Loss Videos

August 10, 2015

Through ongoing conversations with key partners and producers, HM Insurance Group has been looking at new ways to deliver messages that are educational, impactful, differentiating and relevant. With that in mind, we have developed a series of short, animated video clips on self-funding and Stop Loss. As the regulatory and economic markets continue to evolve, the interest in self-funding among groups with fewer than 500 lives continues to grow. Understanding that people have different preferences…

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HM Releases Infographic to Complement Specialty Pharmaceuticals Trend Watch

February 10, 2015

In January 2015, HM Insurance Group (HM) released "HM Trend Watch: The Rising Costs of Specialty Pharmaceuticals," a paper that provides readers with an overview on how the specialty drug trend is significantly impacting health care costs. To highlight the key points of the paper and emphasize the most surprising facts of this trend, HM has developed a specialty pharmaceuticals infographic for your reference. As a leading national Stop Loss carrier, HM continues…

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HM Publishes Specialty Pharmaceuticals Trend Watch

January 10, 2015

As a leading national Stop Loss carrier, HM Insurance Group is watching the specialty pharmaceuticals trend and its influence on the rising cost of claims closely to determine how we can best work with our partners to help manage these costs in a meaningful way. The first step is sharing knowledge and awareness of this growing trend’s impact. We have compiled an overview on the specialty drug trend for your reference. We hope you will…

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